Thursday, August 18, 2011

BBT Sandwich

On preparing to fix breakfast earlier this week, I encountered the realization that it was time for a shopping day.  One of the things I’ve learned over years of cooking for one is restraint when it comes to purchasing perishable foods, which often means running out of or low on some items before its time to shop again.

This seems especially true in the summer when garden supplies fill my refrigerator and I’m even less inclined to stock up on things like lettuce.  Still, one cannot live on zucchini alone, especially when the tomatoes begin to ripen at an exaggerated pace.  The good thing is tomatoes can be  easily and safely canned (if you take the appropriate precautions), but not before I eat my fill.

This particular morning I found myself without milk for cereal, no yogurt to eat with my fruit, and not one egg to be found in my refrigerator.  What I did have were a few slices of bread, a couple of slices bacon, lots of tomatoes and an abundance of Basil.

I could have slapped a bit of peanut butter, which I consider a non-perishable item, on a toasted bread slice, but tomato does not seem a likely companion of peanut butter, at least not in my opinion.  That left the bacon and tomato, but there could be no BLT without lettuce, which I seldom purchase when I have so many summer veggies to eat, and the lettuce in the garden had long before gone to seed.

Looking around, I spotted the Basil seated in a glass of water near my sink.  Why not?  I asked myself.  Basil is green and leafy.  I fried up the two slices of bacon, drained it on a paper towel, toasted two slices of bread, slathered those with mayo, sliced a nicely ripened, garden fresh tomato and cleaned and dried a hand full of Basil leaves.  I layered Basil leaves on one slice of the mayo slathered toast, added the bacon and tomato slices and covered the tomato slices with more Basil leaves.  I then added the second slice of toasted, mayo-slathered bread and oh la la, a Basil, Bacon and Tomato Sandwich.  Yum!


  1. I usually fix BAT (bacon, avo, tomato) sandwiches for Bob while I forgo the bread, add lettuce and turn those same goodies into a salad (mustard/mayo vinaigrette). Will definitely try your idea of adding basil to that! Ought to be lovely, and I won't feel so deprived not having bread!

  2. I was looking for a recipe for acorn bread. Have you heard of such a thing.